The 21 Step IPP

The 21 Step IPP is designed to emphasize on body language and its impact in an interview. The focus is also to enhance the resume writing ability along with learning the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) and how we can further enhance our EQ to perform and excel at the corporate level.

Therefore, augmenting the need to develop an Emotionally Intelligent Personality to rediscover oneself; which in-turns directly increases the efficacy and quality of the campus placement/recruitment process.

While many of us may not think of job interviews as a presentation, it may be the first presentation we ever make. It may also be the most critical. With a job interview we are there to "sell ourselves" not just ideas. First impressions are extremely important and like presentations we should properly prepare ourselves for the interview.

The 21 Step IPP workshop focuses on improving your Resume Writing Skills, raising your EQ, Kinesics Interviewing Skills, Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills in a comprehensive step-wise approach with the help of a unique The 21- Step Interview Preparation Programme.

The 21- Step IPP not only prepares them to excel in job interviews but holistically shapes their attitude and provides them coaching to prepare the participants to face the challenges in the Corporate World without fear and self doubt.

Training Method : We conduct College Workshops as well as Live online workshops over Zoom/Meet.
Duration: For Offline workshops : Total of 15 Hours conducted for 3days which comprises 6 hours on Day 1 & Day2 and 3 hours on Day 3.
For Online workshops: Total Duration : 12 hours, conducted for 3 days comprises 4 hours/day.
Other Workshop Specifics : Grading & Certificate of Completion/Participation